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Scalp & Hair Therapy
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√ Crafted from high-quality biodegradable bamboo
√ Massage the scalp to promote blood circulation
√ Soothe the scalp, relieve fatigue
√ Anti-static, detangle and smooth hair
√ Creating healthier scalp & shinier hair


√ Scalp nourishment   
√Heals and regenerates epidermal cell
√ Protects longevity of scalp cells  
√ Reduce hair falls  
√ Stimulate healthy hair growth  
√ Promoting stronger hair  
√ Increase hair density  
√ Improve healthy scalp  
√ Anti Uncommon Hair Loss  
√ Anti-Inflammatory  
√ Balance oil secretion  
√ Reduce dandruff symptoms  
√ Relieves itching and soothes sensitivity 
Suitable for all scalp types, especially for sensitive scalp. 


√ Reduce tangled hair
√ Moisturize & repair damaged hair
√ Improve elasticity of hair
√ Protect against damaged caused by coloring, perming and hair drying
√ Reduces and anti hair-breakage
√ Imparts shine and healthy look of hair
√ Restructuring dry and frizzy hair
√ Long-lasting fragrance
Suitable for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair.