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Scalp Essence Plus 100ml 升级版头皮滋养精华
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√ Scalp nourishment   
√Heals and regenerates epidermal cell
√ Protects longevity of scalp cells  
√ Reduce hair falls  
√ Stimulate healthy hair growth  
√ Promoting stronger hair  
√ Increase hair density  
√ Improve healthy scalp  
√ Anti Uncommon Hair Loss  
√ Anti-Inflammatory  
√ Balance oil secretion  
√ Reduce dandruff symptoms  
√ Relieves itching and soothes sensitivity 
Suitable for all scalp types, especially for sensitive scalp. 


Additional Information

To maintain or get a head of healthy hair, use Scalp Essence after every wash.


* Shake well before use.


  • For Oily / Normal scalp

Step 1 - After washing your hair, blow dry it.
Step 2 - Spray Scalp Essence on the entire scalp.
Step 3 - Massage gently with fingertips for better absorption or use a massage hair brush to massage evenly.
Step 4 - You may blow dry your hair again for better oil control.


  • For Dry / Sensitive Scalp

Step 1 - After washing your hair, towel-dry or use hairdryer blow to half-dry.
Step 2 - Spray Scalp Essence on the entire scalp.
Step 3 - Massage gently with fingertips for better absorption.
Step 4 - Blow dry hair again to ensure that scalp is completely dry.
Step 5 - Use a massage hair brush to massage evenly.


Style as usual.

Hair is known to be at its weakest when wet, which can also make it prone to tangling and the hair follicles are in an open state after shampooing. Combing and excessive pulling of tangled, wet hair increases your chances of hair breakage and eventual hair loss. Please giving a comb-through before shampooing, and blow dry it before combing.


  1. For external use only.

  2. Store in a cool and dry place.

  3. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

  4. If it gets into your eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If irritation or discomfort persists, consult a physician immediately.

  5. The results may vary according to the individual's physical constitution, application method and hair condition / scalp condition. Please cooperate with the correct guidance methods & instructions.


What's in the box

1x Scalp Essence Plus 100ml with box